01. Diego put a coin in the [slot], and began dialing his girlfriend's number.
02. The 7:00 p.m. time [slot] on television is very important, and is reserved for the most popular programs.
03. The [slot] in the head of the screw is damaged, so I can't get the screw out.
04. There were a couple of quarters jammed in the coin [slot], so I couldn't use the machine.
05. The old castle had [slots] in its walls for the archers to shoot arrows through.
06. We're pretty well booked up, but we do have one [slot] open at 8:30 a.m. on the fifteenth.
07. These little plastic trays we bought will [slot] into any size drawer.
08. After I put my card into the [slot] at the ATM, it wouldn't come back out.
09. It looks like a [slot] has suddenly become available if you want to come into the dentist's office tomorrow.
10. I think we can [slot] you in for a 3:00 appointment.
11. Jane's father was a gambler who blew all their money playing the [slot] machines in Vegas.
12. In Las Vegas, there is one [slot] machine for every eight people.
13. Grandma made over $500 bucks playing the [slots] in Las Vegas.
14. When using the Underground, you put your ticket into the [slot], the ticket disappears, and then it pops up again, and you take it back as you pass through the gate.

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